Credit: Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion (End of Evangelion, 1997)

In memory of J, a family friend.

A little over a year ago, I came to blows with a former friend who has a habit of seeking advice without knowing how to accept criticism. The fight that followed was a long time coming. I’d been miserable for at least a year before that, but I stayed because I genuinely believed the situation was still redeemable. …

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Steven Knight and Michael Kalesniko’s 2015 food flick Burnt promises more ambition than it’s capable of bringing, with an overstuffed cast, far too many loose ends, two-dimensional stereotypes, and less depth than a Kardashian special — yet boldly challenges ethos when it counts. BAFTA winner and Academy Award nominee Bradley Cooper shines as talented jackass Adam Jones, a cooking prodigy with a questionable past, a distinguished culinary record, and a penchant for workplace abuse — with all the goods to back it up.

Jones was an up-and-coming executive chef with two Michelin stars under his belt; for ten years, he…

Dylan Balde

Dork, entertainment journalist, frustrated screenwriter. Currently in film school (NYFA). Bylines: Screen Rant, CBR, Moviepilot, TheThings, The Inquisitr, Vocal

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